Recording Break + Shows!

So I’m taking a little siesta from recording this week. Colin is busy with other projects (including recording my bud, Taylor Ogburn, who I’ll talk about later in this post. Get excited for continued reading!), and I myself just started a new job that is hectic to say the least.

However, that doesn’t mean the music will stop! The show must go on, and speaking of shows, I have a few of my own coming up:

Click for more info on the Facebook event page!

Sept. 12 | Para Coffee 7PM at 19 Elliewood Ave, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

with Spencer Dukoff

Free! There will probably be coffee.

Click for more info on the Facebook event page!

Sept. 29 & 30 | House/Barn Show 7PM at 32 Cobblestone Circle Henrico, VA 23238

with Taylor Ogburn

Also free! There will be food, and it’s Taylor’s last show before he lives out his dream of road tripping to LA with little more than his guitar and his wits. Read all about it over at his site: http://taylorogburn.com/


Recording Update

I’m currently studio chilling with Colin Healy (whose music you should check out right now), and we seem to be on a roll.

Similar to this.


Anyway, we’ve finished laying down the drum tracks on 6 songs! Which I guess I should take this chance to officially say that the end result of  this recording project will be a 6 song EP titled…….(drumrolllllll)…….. “Somewhere In Between”

This title describes the point I am in my life, and I think these songs reflect that. Speaking of which, here’s the track list:

  1. Put You In a Song
  2. Indisposed
  3. Make a Decision
  4. Through the Fear
  5. Conversation About You
  6. Every time  (AKA the Bobby Pin Song, click here to find out why.)

So that’s the game plan, folks. Bass tracks are almost done and “Put You In a Song” is super close to being all the way done. So hopefully you’ll get to hear that soon since it’s going to be the lead single!

Thank you for reading and keep being awesome. Yes, you. You are awesome.



Started recording with Colin Healy this week, and thus far the tune we’re working is sounding yummy. We might even record a whole batch of tunes, but time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates on the recording process and eventually some yummy new ear candy to chew on.

No…not that kind.



Oh, yuck. Definitely not that kind. Why does this exist?! I don’t suggest Googling “ear candy.”