The 9 Songwriter Series


UPDATE: This show is being rescheduled! Stay tuned.


The 9 Songwriter Series is coming to Richmond! I have the honor of playing with 8 other songwriters on Feb 6th at Kingdom! (Located at 10 Walnut Alley
Richmond, VA 23223)


Doors open at 7PM & the show starts at 8PM.

If you asked me what time I’ll be playing, I couldn’t tell you! The songwriters are drawn out of a hat to determine the order. Each performer gets 2 songs to start. Then once everyone has done their 2 songs, each songwriter gets 1 more encore song.

Below is a video featuring Justin Trawick, the creator of the series.



I’m really pumped about this show especially since it’s like no other show that I’ve done before.

Below is the lineup of songwriters for the night.

Justin Trawick
Andrew Rohlk
Shanna Hoar
Travis Tucker
Willie DE
Amy Henderson
Ashley McMillen
Paulo Franco
Russell Lacy


Hope to see you there!


Back to Reality

After a week long break from school spent at home being the biggest couch potato ever, I’m hit with the realization that I now need to do all the things I intended to do over break.

On school breaks, I always bring my faithful acoustic, but usually my electric guitar and all the toys like an amp and pedals that go with it too. But this time, I decided it’d be best to just bring my acoustic home since my acoustic chops have gotten pretty sloppy. My goal was to become an acoustic ninja, but instead I became a couch ninja like this cat.

funny gifs


Instead of practicing for a string of gigs I have and getting a jump on some school work, I spent the majority of my time playing video games and watching movies. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, but every time I went to really buckle down and get some work done, I found myself with no energy. I guess I needed some R & R though, this semester has been pretty hectic with little sleep and little semblance of a sleep schedule. I guess sleep deprivation on top of no circadian rhythm really does take its toll after a while.

But now that I’ve recuperated and have some more energy, it’s time to put on my game face and get down to business.



Check the calendar for upcoming shows!


Thanks for reading,


New and Improved!

Happy to say that my website, andrewrohlk.com, has just gotten a makeover! Be sure to explore and check out the social media buttons to the right as well as the videos, music, about, and links tabs up top. The shows tab is still a work in process, so check back on that soon. (But I should add I’m playing a show with Ingrid Michaelson on December 2nd! Click here for info and tickets.)

Stay tuned for updates here on the main blog, and a big thanks to Jess Lonett for the website facelift!

Except I have no regrets.