Live Shows

Let’s Get Naked …with Songs

This Tuesday, Oct 23rd, I’ll be playing Naked Songs!

Fortunately for you, I will be wearing clothes. Here’s an explanation from the Hazy Shade Productions website:

The concept of “Naked Songs” is music stripped down to its bare essence, with just one voice and one instrument…This is not an open mic.  Each showcase will feature several invited songwriters performing up to four of their original songs.  The emphasis is on ORIGINAL music.

Great! That’s essentially what I’ve been doing this whole time as a solo acoustic artist. So fine by me! (This is subject to change eventually. The logistics of a live band are in the works!)

Here’s the flyer with all the info. Click the pic to go to the Facebook event page

Click for Facebook event

Bob Ogburn Barn Blowout!

So go ahead and say Bob Ogburn out loud. Still not funny? Ok, I guess it’s a you-had-to-be-there joke that only Taylor and I find hilarious. That’s not even a real person as far as I know, but Taylor Ogburn sure is. And boy, what a guy.

Beyond being hilarious and one of the most genuinely talented creative people I know (music stuff, video stuff, other stuff, etc.), he’s also insanely driven in pursuing a full time career as a musician. So much so, in fact, that he’s planning to road trip out to LA with mainly just his guitar and the bare essentials. He’ll be playing shows along the way and blogging & vlogging his adventures…..


Before he goes, he’s throwing one last hurrah here in RVA with a weekend of food, fun, and music of course. And it’s all going down at a barn, house, thing…. It used to be a barn? Now it’s a house….whatever, it’s cool. I promise.

Campfire, corn hole, and lots of music. Come one or both days! I dare you not to enjoy yourself.

Sept. 29 & 30 | House/Barn Show 7PM at 32 Cobblestone Circle Henrico, VA 23238

with Taylor Ogburn, myself, Colin Healy, Maggie Glasgow, Joshua Eadie, Alex Troisi


Read all about Taylor and follow his journey to LA over at his site:


Please and thank you,


Recording Break + Shows!

So I’m taking a little siesta from recording this week. Colin is busy with other projects (including recording my bud, Taylor Ogburn, who I’ll talk about later in this post. Get excited for continued reading!), and I myself just started a new job that is hectic to say the least.

However, that doesn’t mean the music will stop! The show must go on, and speaking of shows, I have a few of my own coming up:

Click for more info on the Facebook event page!

Sept. 12 | Para Coffee 7PM at 19 Elliewood Ave, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

with Spencer Dukoff

Free! There will probably be coffee.

Click for more info on the Facebook event page!

Sept. 29 & 30 | House/Barn Show 7PM at 32 Cobblestone Circle Henrico, VA 23238

with Taylor Ogburn

Also free! There will be food, and it’s Taylor’s last show before he lives out his dream of road tripping to LA with little more than his guitar and his wits. Read all about it over at his site:


It’s been a while….

Ok so it’s been more than a while and that one’s on me. In my defense, I am graduating in May and so things have been a wee bit tense here in my final semester. My main problem is squeezing as much into my remaining time as possible so I’ve been busy and sort of productive, but very sleep deprived.


I’ve been hanging with my a cappella group a lot recently and haven’t done a solo gig in a while. So I’m excited to get back at it and play with my friends Adam in America in Cville this Saturday and then play in JMU’s Festival Ballroom for a great cause. Dates and details below.


More exciting and less strictly promo blog posts coming never soon.


Web music player

Dec 30 Show @ KingdomRVA


Use the following code for a discount when you purchase online tickets for my Dec 30 show at Kingdom in Richmond. Click the flier above to go to the ticket link.



Less than two weeks left and I’m done with this semester!

Post Show Recap- 12/2 with Ingrid Michaelson

Conversation About You

Make A Decision

I’m a Mess

You Make My Dreams (with a bit of “Little Bitty Pretty One” thrown in)

Every time (aka the Bobby Pin song)

What This Will Be


Ahhh I had a blast last night. My set was super sloppy and extra goofy but man was it fun. Ingrid’s set was fantastic and hilarious, and she was super laid back from the brief interaction I had with her.

Whew. I’m finally and officially on a week break from school. Hopefully I’m going to have this thing I’ve heard about called free time. But that might actually just be a myth. I’m not sure.

Anyway, got some neat-o stuff going on including…

If that’s not enough for you, as always, you can download both my debut EP and a live EP at my music tab right here on


In other news, I mentioned a show at Kingdom on Dec 30 in Richmond in a previous post, and tickets for that are online now AT A DISCOUNT PRICE!

  • Click the button below to get tickets and get $3 OFF by typing in the following promo code: ANDREW654


I promise you I didn’t pick the code- I’m not quite that self-absorbed. But hurry up and use that discount code because it will expire soon.


That’s all of my shameless plugs for now. I am working on having more engaging blog posts soon instead of just self-promoting myself out the wazoo all the time. Maybe that free time thing will help with that.