Let’s Get Naked …with Songs

This Tuesday, Oct 23rd, I’ll be playing Naked Songs! Fortunately for you, I will be wearing clothes. Here’s an explanation from the Hazy Shade Productions website: The concept of “Naked Songs” is music stripped down to its bare essence, with just one voice and one instrument…This is not an open Read more…

Bob Ogburn Barn Blowout!

So go ahead and say Bob Ogburn out loud. Still not funny? Ok, I guess it’s a you-had-to-be-there joke that only Taylor and I find hilarious. That’s not even a real person as far as I know, but Taylor Ogburn sure is. And boy, what a guy. Beyond being hilarious Read more…

Recording Break + Shows!

So I’m taking a little siesta from recording this week. Colin is busy with other projects (including recording my bud, Taylor Ogburn, who I’ll talk about later in this post. Get excited for continued reading!), and I myself just started a new job that is hectic to say the least. Read more…

Dec 30 Show @ KingdomRVA

  Use the following code for a discount when you purchase online tickets for my Dec 30 show at Kingdom in Richmond. Click the flier above to go to the ticket link. PROMO CODE: ANDREW509   Less than two weeks left and I’m done with this semester!

Post Show Recap- 12/2 with Ingrid Michaelson

Conversation About You

Make A Decision

I’m a Mess

You Make My Dreams (with a bit of “Little Bitty Pretty One” thrown in)

Every time (aka the Bobby Pin song)

What This Will Be


Ahhh I had a blast last night. My set was super sloppy and extra goofy but man was it fun. Ingrid’s set was fantastic and hilarious, and she was super laid back from the brief interaction I had with her.



Whew. I’m finally and officially on a week break from school. Hopefully I’m going to have this thing I’ve heard about called free time. But that might actually just be a myth. I’m not sure. Anyway, got some neat-o stuff going on including… I’m featured on MP3.com today! Click here Read more…