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2015 Update

Yikes. It’s been 2 years as of this month since I’ve updated this thing. I’m not entirely sure who’s gonna read this, but I’ll get you up to speed if you are.

My band Rohlk & Reason ultimately but amicably dissolved roughly a year ago after a summer spent recording at a basement home studio here in Richmond, VA. We all had various things that pulled our lives in different directions that caused us to lose focus and motivation. We ran out of time and energy and the band ran out of steam. We’re all still good friends though and know that it’s for the best.

I decided after that I needed a bit of a break from my own music, so for the past year I’ve been involved with almost a dozen different musical projects. It’s been a fun and exciting learning experience, and I’ve still been writing and working on songs along the way. I’ve become a much more well-rounded and competent musician due to these collaborations, and it has informed and influenced my writing in an exciting way.

I’m finally ready to get back out there armed with only my voice, my guitar, and these songs I’ve been working on. New recordings are on the horizon, but for now I need to get back to basics and really road test these songs. I’m already slightly overwhelmed by this daunting undertaking, and in some ways it feels like I’m moving in reverse. In this digital age we live in, it’s so very easy to get distracted and overcomplicate things. But I know now that this simplified step back approach is the only way forward for my music and the only way to get through this thing called life. Electric word, life. It means forever, and that’s a mighty long time.


Rohlk + Reason

It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!


We’ve officially simplified our name to Rohlk + Reason (you can check out the new site here). We also recently recorded a new 4-song EP with House Studio DC, and we’re excited to share the final product with you!

We were fortunate enough to be a part of the 2013 House Artist Grant Program which you can learn more about here.

We did a lot more than just record a new EP while in DC, but I don’t want to give it all away just yet. For now, check out this video of us from the acoustic session we did. More news and videos like this are on the way, so stay tuned!

Please + thank you,



PS: We just added a new member, and he’s a beast on guitar. Unfortunately he wasn’t with us while in the studio, BUT he will be a part of Rohlk + Reason from here on out. Introducing Tyler Delsack AKA Sackadelic

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Mash Up Madness

Recently recorded a cover video with my good friend Shivani Bhatt. We did a mash up of two of my favorite songs: Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”

It was super fun putting a folky acoustic spin on these 80s smash hit songs that I un-ironically & unashamedly love. Big thanks to James Swisher, my fellow band mate, for recording the audio + video at his home studio space.



Andrew Rohlk & The Reason!  Update: We’re now simply called Rohlk and Reason!


Out of all the crazy band names we had to choose from, why this one? You want to know the reason behind The Reason?

Well too bad, you’re not in the band. These guys are though.


Keys: James Swisher aka Swish


Bass: Bryce Tyndall aka BT dpg

Drums/Percussion: David Price-Gibson aka DPG

Thanks to Andy Pigsley for the gnarly pics!

Fill in the Blank Bonanza

So the other day I made the mistake shameless decision to ask the internet to help name my band.

I had no idea what I was in for.

Let’s get a lawsuit…

There were definitely some pretty great name ideas, and some of them found inspiration from movies, books, already existing bands/artists, and uh…board games?

Andrew Rohlk and the ____________

Randy Newmans
Eiffel 65s
Twisted Sisters

Men in Tights
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Pop Tartlets

Now I don’t mind a little pop culture reference here and there, but these names would probably get us sued! Pretty sure that these the naming rights on these are on lock down. Except maybe The Pop Tartlets…that’s probably still too close to the breakfast food.

Rhymes with…

Since my last name is sometimes a bit tricky for people to pronounce, I often introduce myself like this,

“I’m Andrew Rohlk… It rhymes with folk, not poke.”

So I think that’s why some people decided to take more of a rhyming route.

Andrew Rohlk and the ____________

Rally Folk
Yodeling Folk
City Folk
Lurid Yolks
Polka Folk
Gloomy Folk

Look at all those yolks.

Let’s get historical….

My friend Kevin submitted a couple of really funny ones, but my favorite was definitely….

Andrew Rohlk and the War of 1812

warof1812I can’t tell which side I’m on…should have payed more attention in History class instead of doodling/writing lyrics.

Outside the box…

Some of us just can’t be held down by rules, and sometimes it’s better for everyone when we put our own spin on it. Here’s some creative alternatives to the “Andrew Rohlk and the ________” format.

Dan on my Facebook page suggested,

Drop Andrew. Use the last name only. Less to remember. Rohlk Sound or Rohlk And The City.

My friend David seems to like my first name a little more than Dan.

How about Andrew &  Rohlktones?

Yeah, how about that Dan??

James Swisher, a member of aforementioned band that we’re trying to name, thought of this variation.

Andrew Rohlk’s Bag Of Rags

OK, so they’re my bag of rags and not anyone else, right? Good, glad we cleared that up.

Jess Lonett had a couple interesting ideas…

I think you should consider a little twist on Andrew Rohlk and the…

Like “Andrew Rohlk among…” “Andrew Rohlk with…” Andrew Rohlk surrounded by..


Andrew Rohlk among Men in Tights

Andrew Rohlk with Ewoks

Andrew Rohlk surrounded by Randy Newmans

The Band Naming Prodigy…

My friend Katie provided the most names by far. I think she’s some kind of wizard, because all of the names below are all from JUST HER.

Andrew Rohlk and the ____________

Cheeky Grin
Universe Experiencing Itself
Lear Jacket
Ham Sandwich
Blank Wall
Mustard Stain
Clearer Thoughts
Missing Buttons
Sharp Fears
Leftover Dust
Twisted Mind
History of Cats
Extinction of Dinosaurs
Extinction of Polaroids
Garbage Disposal
Unforgivable Curses
Mother Tongues
Building Anger
Bowling Shoes
Broken Televisions
Short Wicks
Stale Crackers
Goodlooking Band
Blank Stares
Curly Staches
Athletic Ability
Ancient Texts
Empty Fridge
Burnt Toast
Hot Showers
Cold Showers

The rest….

And here’s the rest of the names people submitted. Thanks a bunch for everyone who participated. Let me know in the comments which names you like the best and if you have anymore suggestions! I’ll keep you posted on what we finally decide to go with.


Filthy Mongrels
Funky Bunch
Matchbox 30
Dream Catchers
Old republic
Bobbie Pins
Mouse Rats
Fallen Trees
Easy Bruisers
Band Yo
Skat Kats
Rather Be Deads
Smoke Signals
Lucid Dreamers
Trashcan Owls
Skinny Jeans
Molting Ravens
Kangaroo Pouches
Free Beer
Purple Canoes

The 9 Songwriter Series


UPDATE: This show is being rescheduled! Stay tuned.


The 9 Songwriter Series is coming to Richmond! I have the honor of playing with 8 other songwriters on Feb 6th at Kingdom! (Located at 10 Walnut Alley
Richmond, VA 23223)


Doors open at 7PM & the show starts at 8PM.

If you asked me what time I’ll be playing, I couldn’t tell you! The songwriters are drawn out of a hat to determine the order. Each performer gets 2 songs to start. Then once everyone has done their 2 songs, each songwriter gets 1 more encore song.

Below is a video featuring Justin Trawick, the creator of the series.



I’m really pumped about this show especially since it’s like no other show that I’ve done before.

Below is the lineup of songwriters for the night.

Justin Trawick
Andrew Rohlk
Shanna Hoar
Travis Tucker
Willie DE
Amy Henderson
Ashley McMillen
Paulo Franco
Russell Lacy


Hope to see you there!