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The 9 Songwriter Series


I’m honored to be playing this Saturday 11/28 at the Tin Pan for the 9 songwriters Series!

Founded in 2008 by singer/songwriter Justin Trawick, “The 9 Songwriter Series” is a touring songwriter collective and live show based in Washington, DC. The show was created with the idea of nine artists getting together and combining their talents in order to play in nicer clubs and to larger amounts of people. Each installment features nine solo singer/songwriters performing together in a unique and captivating format, telling stories, and often sitting in with each other and making up music on the spot.  Where else can you hear almost 30 songs from nine different artists in one evening? To date, over 300 different artists have participated in “The 9″, at shows in DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Fairfield, Boston, Richmond, Charlottesville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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2015 Update

Yikes. It’s been 2 years as of this month since I’ve updated this thing. I’m not entirely sure who’s gonna read this, but I’ll get you up to speed if you are.

My band Rohlk & Reason ultimately but amicably dissolved roughly a year ago after a summer spent recording at a basement home studio here in Richmond, VA. We all had various things that pulled our lives in different directions that caused us to lose focus and motivation. We ran out of time and energy and the band ran out of steam. We’re all still good friends though and know that it’s for the best.

I decided after that I needed a bit of a break from my own music, so for the past year I’ve been involved with almost a dozen different musical projects. It’s been a fun and exciting learning experience, and I’ve still been writing and working on songs along the way. I’ve become a much more well-rounded and competent musician due to these collaborations, and it has informed and influenced my writing in an exciting way.

I’m finally ready to get back out there armed with only my voice, my guitar, and these songs I’ve been working on. New recordings are on the horizon, but for now I need to get back to basics and really road test these songs. I’m already slightly overwhelmed by this daunting undertaking, and in some ways it feels like I’m moving in reverse. In this digital age we live in, it’s so very easy to get distracted and overcomplicate things. But I know now that this simplified step back approach is the only way forward for my music and the only way to get through this thing called life. Electric word, life. It means forever, and that’s a mighty long time.


Rohlk + Reason

It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!


We’ve officially simplified our name to Rohlk + Reason (you can check out the new site here). We also recently recorded a new 4-song EP with House Studio DC, and we’re excited to share the final product with you!

We were fortunate enough to be a part of the 2013 House Artist Grant Program which you can learn more about here.

We did a lot more than just record a new EP while in DC, but I don’t want to give it all away just yet. For now, check out this video of us from the acoustic session we did. More news and videos like this are on the way, so stay tuned!

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PS: We just added a new member, and he’s a beast on guitar. Unfortunately he wasn’t with us while in the studio, BUT he will be a part of Rohlk + Reason from here on out. Introducing Tyler Delsack AKA Sackadelic

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Mash Up Madness

Recently recorded a cover video with my good friend Shivani Bhatt. We did a mash up of two of my favorite songs: Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”

It was super fun putting a folky acoustic spin on these 80s smash hit songs that I un-ironically & unashamedly love. Big thanks to James Swisher, my fellow band mate, for recording the audio + video at his home studio space.