Yikes. It’s been 2 years as of this month since I’ve updated this thing. I’m not entirely sure who’s gonna read this, but I’ll get you up to speed if you are.

My band Rohlk & Reason ultimately but amicably dissolved roughly a year ago after a summer spent recording at a basement home studio here in Richmond, VA. We all had various things that pulled our lives in different directions that caused us to lose focus and motivation. We ran out of time and energy and the band ran out of steam. We’re all still good friends though and know that it’s for the best.

I decided after that I needed a bit of a break from my own music, so for the past year I’ve been involved with almost a dozen different musical projects. It’s been a fun and exciting learning experience, and I’ve still been writing and working on songs along the way. I’ve become a much more well-rounded and competent musician due to these collaborations, and it has informed and influenced my writing in an exciting way.

I’m finally ready to get back out there armed with only my voice, my guitar, and these songs I’ve been working on. New recordings are on the horizon, but for now I need to get back to basics and really road test these songs. I’m already slightly overwhelmed by this daunting undertaking, and in some ways it feels like I’m moving in reverse. In this digital age we live in, it’s so very easy to get distracted and overcomplicate things.┬áBut I know now that this simplified step back approach is the only way forward for my music and the only way to get through this thing called life. Electric word, life. It means forever, and that’s a mighty long time.