The “Somewhere in Between” EP is here! You can buy and download by clicking below!

You can also purchase the EP on iTunes, Amazon, and stream it on Spotify. However, the cheapest option for you and the most beneficial option for me is through the bandcamp link above.

I put a lot of time, energy, and money into this project to get the sound I wanted on my own terms. I’m proud to say I did it independently in a timely manner without spending a fortune. A lot of that is thanks to Colin Healy who helped me record and produce this EP. Without his talents and his insight, the end results would not have been the same.

I’m at a time and place in my life where things are a bit foggy. I feel slightly older and wiser, but still only have a rough outline of what comes next. What I do know is that I can’t wait to play these songs live. I hope to see you at some shows, and maybe we can figure this out together.

I am not at the end or beginning, it’s true. I’m somewhere in between the two.