I’m currently studio chilling with Colin Healy (whose music you should check out right now), and we seem to be on a roll.

Similar to this.


Anyway, we’ve finished laying down the drum tracks on 6 songs! Which I guess I should take this chance to officially say that the end result of  this recording project will be a 6 song EP titled…….(drumrolllllll)…….. “Somewhere In Between”

This title describes the point I am in my life, and I think these songs reflect that. Speaking of which, here’s the track list:

  1. Put You In a Song
  2. Indisposed
  3. Make a Decision
  4. Through the Fear
  5. Conversation About You
  6. Every time  (AKA the Bobby Pin Song, click here to find out why.)

So that’s the game plan, folks. Bass tracks are almost done and “Put You In a Song” is super close to being all the way done. So hopefully you’ll get to hear that soon since it’s going to be the lead single!

Thank you for reading and keep being awesome. Yes, you. You are awesome.


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