Conversation About You

Make A Decision

I’m a Mess

You Make My Dreams (with a bit of “Little Bitty Pretty One” thrown in)

Every time (aka the Bobby Pin song)

What This Will Be


Ahhh I had a blast last night. My set was super sloppy and extra goofy but man was it fun. Ingrid’s set was fantastic and hilarious, and she was super laid back from the brief interaction I had with her.

Conversation About You sounded a bit weird, and people probably thought I was nervous or something but here’s what really happened: I decided to do some jumping jacks backstage to get pumped, but it just left me gasping for breath cause I’m horrendously out of shape. So I was kinda struggling for the first half of my opening song. WAY TO MAKE POOR CHOICES, ANDREW.

By Make a Decision, I sorta recovered though and felt like a normal breathing person again. You Make My Dreams had some nice audience hand claps going on and then I decided to throw in a snippet of Little Bitty Pretty One just for kicks.

I’m considering referring to my song “Every time” as “The Bobby Pin song” since the first line references bobby pins and everybody thinks that’s funny or whatever. Seriously though ladies, why do you have a thousand of these things? They end up in the weirdest places. It’s like you shed them or something.

Anyway, the LAAAAAA DAH DAHHHHHHHHH DAH DAH DUHT DUHT DUHT DUHT DAHHHHHHHHH sing along on What This Will Be was pretty gnarly. That made my day.


Long story, short: Last night was amazing. Thanks so much to the friends and family that made it extra special and drove long distances to come see my face. That was the biggest group of people I’ve ever played for, and it was probably the most fun I’ve had playing music.


Much love,




OH and PS: I had an epic fail last night – Jess and I went to Ham’s afterwards to get some food but were told they weren’t serving food when we got there. The place was bumpin’ and karaoke was in full tilt so we left and got Sheetz. Anyway, we went home and I turned off my phone but saw that Ingrid tweeted she was at a bar with karaoke. I thought to myself “Hey we were at a bar with karaoke. HAHA LOL” and then went to bed….. In the morning I found out SHE WAS AT THE HAM’S THAT WE HAD LEFT. Moral of the story: I suck. I could have been more social, but instead I decided to be lame.