Whew. I’m finally and officially on a week break from school. Hopefully I’m going to have this thing I’ve heard about called free time. But that might actually just be a myth. I’m not sure.

Anyway, got some neat-o stuff going on including…

If that’s not enough for you, as always, you can download both my debut EP and a live EP at my music tab right here on AndrewRohlk.com


In other news, I mentioned a show at Kingdom on Dec 30 in Richmond in a previous post, and tickets for that are online now AT A DISCOUNT PRICE!

  • Click the button below to get tickets and get $3 OFF by typing in the following promo code: ANDREW654


I promise you I didn’t pick the code- I’m not quite that self-absorbed. But hurry up and use that discount code because it will expire soon.


That’s all of my shameless plugs for now. I am working on having more engaging blog posts soon instead of just self-promoting myself out the wazoo all the time. Maybe that free time thing will help with that.